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Configuring Calendars

configure calendar

Configuration Explained

On this page you can:

1. Change the page name
2. Get a quick link to CSS color values
3. Change the Color Settings for the Calendar
4. Add/Remove calendars to be included other Calendars to be displayed within this calendar
5. Copy color settings from other calendars
6. Refresh the color settings after you make a change

Just a few notes about the configuration of your calendar:

1. If you change the color settings, please be sure to include the # in front of the appropriate color code. If you do not have #FFFFFF in the color box and the color box comes up white, then you may not have included the # symbol.
2. If you are using multiple calendars, get one main calendar setup and then copy the colors to the other calendars using the Copy Colors from option.
3. When including other calendars, the Display on Calendar As will be displayed on top of the events form the other calendars. There will be a link to bring up just that calendar.

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